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Your Guide to Las Animas County and Huerfano County in Southern Colorado

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Ludlow Massacre Memorial

This monument marks the site of the Ludlow Massacre. The Massacre occurred on April 20, 1914 when the Colorado National Guard attacked and later burned a tent community of striking coal miners. Two women and 11 children died of asphyxiation while huddled in a cellar. Five strikers, two other youngsters, and at least four men associated with the militia joined them in death.

An annual ceremony is held at the Monumment to commemorate the event.


Take I-25 south to exit 27 (about 14 miles north of Trinidad. Follow Road 44.0 west about a half mile to the Ludlow Monument. The United Mine Workers of America have erected story boards with the history and photos of the tent city and massacre. Next to the monument are a cellar door and stairs that lead down into the “death pit” where 11 children and two women died when the fire broke out. Mike Livoda, a union organizer, is buried at the monument.

There are restroom facilities here, and some picnic tables. Outside the gate there is a box that contains guest books to sign.

Take 44.0 Road across the railroad tracks westward about a mile or two to the remains of two dozen ovens that were used to make coal briquettes to be used at the Colorado Fuel and Iron steel company in Pueblo. Across the road from the coke ovens is a monument to another mining tragedy, the Hastings Mine explosion that killed 121 miners.

Retrace your route back toward the monument. At the railroad tracks, turn south and follow Road 61.5 , which goes past some building ruins that included the old Ludlow Depot. This area is fenced with barbed wire and has “no tresspassing” signs.

A mile or two past those buildings, turn right (west) on 40.2 Road, which meanders through a canyon where you can see coal slag, more building ruins, and stone foundations.

Cities and Towns near Ludlow Massacre Memorial


Aguilar is situated in the heart of the Apishapa River Valley in south central Colorado, midway between Trinidad and Walsenburg.

Trinidad.  Trinidad, Colorado is the county seat of Las Animas County. Located between exits 11 and 15 on the I-25 at the foot of Fisher's Peak (elevation: 9,665 ft.)

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