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Your Guide to Las Animas County and Huerfano County in Southern Colorado

Downtown Aguilar


Aguilar is situated in the heart of the Apishapa River Valley in south central Colorado, midway between Trinidad and Walsenburg.

The dry exhilirating climate in the Aguilar area makes for healthful, happy living with its' restful, sleep-inducing cool nights and warm (but not hot) sunny days. County Road 43.7 goes west of town through Gulnare and leads to the top of Cordova Pass (elevation 11,248 feet) over which towers the West Spanish Peak (elevation 13,623 feet), flanked on the west by the Culebra Range of the snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A well marked timber trail through the San Isabel National Forest leads to the top of the West Spanish Peak. It is rugged climbing but it affords a magnificent and unforgetable view of the vast countryside below. See for yourself.

Looking west across Aguilar, toward the Spanish Peaks

Aguilar at a glance...

  • Elevation: 6,056 feet
  • Average annual precipitation: 15.0 inches
  • Terrain: Alpine mountain valley bridging mountains and high plains
  • January temperature: High: 52 Low: 19
  • July temperature: High: 91 Low 58
  • Days of Sunshine per year: 300+
  • Aguilar Population 2000 census: 593

For more information...

Town Hall. 101 W. Main. Phone: (719) 941-4360.
Public Library. 146 W. Main. Phone: 941-4428.
Spanish Peaks Fire Department Aguilar Station . 121 West Main. Phone: (719) 941-4107.
Post Office. 106 East Main. Phone: (719) 941-4010.
Housing Authority Of Aguilar. 300 West Main. Phone: (719) 941-4357.

Attractions in and near Aguilar

Great Dikes of the Spanish Peaks.  

Las Animas County State Trust Lands.  Four wilderness reserves for your enjoyment.

Ludlow Massacre Memorial.  This monument marks the site of the Ludlow Massacre.

Spanish Peaks.  The Spanish Peaks are wwo isolated masses of granite that rise 7,000 feet above the plains between Trinidad and Walsenburg. The Indians called these peaks Wahatoya, meaning "breasts of the world."

Spanish Peaks State Wildlife Area.  Deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, turkey

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